Friday, January 9, 2009

The Weather Outside is Frightful... You Need a Hat!

It's going to be hard to look past these cute models at the darling hats, but we've added some new styles for boys...
We didn't want them left out!

Hats with ear flaps (for staying extra warm)... Here are two different styles. The top one has flowers on the flaps that when on, look too cute to describe.

Two new styles with a unique flair...

Nursing covers w/travel bag still available $20.

Crocheted Flower Clips, Headbands, and Hats available: Clips $3. Headbands $2. w/Ruffle $3. Hats $8. w/flaps $9. Colors Available: White, Black, Brown, Pink/Bright Pink, Cream, Green, Blue/Royal Blue, Red, Lavender, Violet.

Watches always available at: or click here.
New colors & Spring styles added!!

Home Decor shelves still available (pictured below)
only black remaining $75.
will deliver (between Salt Lake and Logan)

Please leave a comment with what you are wanting: style, size and color-We'll make it happen. We will do special orders and are happy to ship for a little extra; delivery, or pick-up available!


garybeckyandkids said...

Nikkel (from my YW) Loved the pictures of the boys- her mom said that she couldn't get past the models! SO CUTE.

Taurean and Jenn said...

Hi, I've posted a couple of times and haven't heard back from you yet. I was hoping I didn't accidentally delete your email. I would like to definitely order a few things. I have sent a lot of my friends to your site because I think you have the cutest things and at such an affordable price. My name is Jenn Stewart,
If you could put on the email in the subject, "Attention Jenn", or something, so I don't accidentally delete it again. I get a lot of junk mail. Thank you so much! I was wanting two of you crochet hats and two crochet flowers. I figured I could tell you the details once you've emailed me. Thanks again!

Kristen said...

I'm interested in your crocheted flowers and hats. My name is Kristen Stuart and my email is Please email me so we can work on an order.

ajensen said...

Just wondering what to do to order a few things. My email: