Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Boutique after the Boutique...

Its your lucky day!! Due to our amazing amount of product prepared for Novemberfest... we are having an after the Boutique, Boutique!! We will be having an open house @ the Kimball Home (3444 West Slalom Way (6535 South), West Jordan) On Saturday, December 13th from 10am to 4pm, where not only can you complete your Christmas shopping, but at clearance prices! Here are pictures and prices of what we will be selling...
Bear ornaments $4.00 or 3 for $10. Darling Belly Diaries (for those moms to be) $10.
Burp cloths $2. and snuggly soft fleece baby blankets with crocheted edge $10.
Fabulous must have watches. Faces $10. Bands $15. For more detailed pictures go here.
Darling gift bags. Baby and Christmas styles. Tag includes to: from: on the back!! $3. or 5 for $10.
Home Decor Shelves. Beautiful craftsmanship. Only $85. Buttercream or Black, or specify color of your choice!
Little girl aprons. Only two left so you'll have to act fast. 1 Brown and blue, and 1 Pink and Yellow. $12. (includes spoon and hanger!) {These have been SOLD!}

Our most amazing selling item. Crocheted flowers. Unique and totally adorable. Only $3.

Flower Clips $2-3 depending on size!
Curly Q bows $4/pair

Crocheted hats. Simply adorable. Include "hook" on band where you can place flowers, or tie a bow for a darling look. A must have. Only $8.

Colors include: hot pink, rose, white, cream, black, red, bright green, brown.

Crocheted headbands. The latest style. Only $2 for those with ruffled edges. $1. without.

A mom- to- be's best friend. The Modesty Mate Nursing Cover. Clearance priced at $20. Complete with corner burp cloths, which create pockets (on the back side) for nursing pads. Includes a travel bag which also fits a diaper and wipes for on the go convenience!
SNOW wreath (1 remaining) $7.

Book of Mormon/Journal sets. Covered in matching paper. Too cute. Only $12 for large, $8 for small.

If you can't make it on the 13th and are interested in any of the above items, please leave a comment and reference what you are wanting and we'll make it happen!

Of course, yummy refreshments served @ the Open House, so even if your Christmas, Baby Shower, Birthday, etc. shopping is complete, come eat and visit. See you there....


Rachel said...

This looks like a lot of fun! I will definitely stop by! Do you by chance have adult aprons, too? I am wanting to buy one or more that just go around the waist and have lots of pockets...

Grant and Catherine Smith said...

Hi! I am a good friend of Lisa and definitely want some of the crocheted flowers and headbands, but I'm not able to make it to the boutique. Is it possible to order by phone or internet???

My email is

kristi and family said...

hi rach... hey, i totally want a hat and flower... do you have a light pink for a 4 year old (with a big head too)?? i work that day so i wont be able to make it... can i come over before??

Rach said...

Kristi- of course to all of the above. Do you want the flower also in light pink? I would be more than happy to bring it to you also. I would love to see your new place!

Taurean and Jenn said...

Those hats are the cutest things I have ever seen. We were at the November Fest and bought a few from you. I tried leaving a message earlier but didn't know if it worked, so sorry if you get two of these from me. I don't know if you do this, but I was wondering if I could get the pattern for the hats? I would be willing to buy it from you?? Please let me know, my name is Jenn Stewart and my email is
Thank you so much,

Taurean and Jenn said...

Hi, I was wondering if I could buy two of your chocolate colored crochet hats and two of your pink crochet flowers. Could they both be for toddler??? both around the age of 2. Will they be able to grow into that and wear it for a while? Thank you, I really appreciate it. My name is Jenn Stewart and my email is Thank you so much!